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Pakistan film history from 1896-1947
Pakistan shared its film history with India from 1896 to 1947. Lahore produced many films and a big number of Pakistani artists debuted in this period.
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Film history since 1895
The Lumier Brothers of FranceThe Lumier Brothers of France exhibited their short films in December 1895 at Grande Cafe, Paris. The following year, they brought the show to India and held its premiere at the Watson Hotel in Bombay on 7 July 1896. It was a package of 6 films viz, Entry of cinematograph, Arrival of the train, The sea bath, A demolition, Leaving the factory and Ladies and Soldiers on wheels. From 18 July 1896, films were released at the Novelty Theatre on a regular basis. Entrance tickets ranged from four annas to one rupee.

First film from Lahore

The first silent film from Lahore was The Daughter of Today released in 1924 and the inaugural Punjabi or talkie film from Lahore was Heer Ranjha in 1932.
» Film Milestones from 1913-47

Eid Day's: (0 films)

  • 0 film on Eid-ul-Fittar (1366 hijri), Monday August 18, 1947
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    0 Punjabi: - 

  • 0 film on Eid-ul-Azha (1366 hijri), Saturday October 25, 1947
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    Remarkable Musical Movies

  • Raja HarishchandraThe Daughter of TodayAlam Ara
    Heer RanjhaKhazanchiAnmol Gharri

    Raja HarishChandra
    Inaugural IndoPak silent feature film
    Pundalik Films
    Raja Harishchandra
    (Produced in Bombay)
    Realesed on: Saturday, May 3, 1913
    Raja Harishchandra was released for public viewing in Coronation theatres, Bombay.The first Indian motion picture, D G Phalkes mythological boasted of an all-male starcast. Even the female lead was played by a man since no woman was willing to be part of the cast.
    ActorsD.D. Dabke (hero as Raja Harishchandra), Salunke (Taramati - an male actor who played as heroine), Bhalachandra D. Phalke, G.V. Sane, Dattatreya Kshirsagar, Dattatreya Telang, Ganpat G. Shinde, Vishnu Hari, Aundhkar, Nath T. Telang
    Director, cameraman, make-up man, editor, art director and cine-laboratorianDadasaheb PhalkeDadasaheb Phalke
    (Dhundiraj Govind Phalke)
    Born: 1870
    Died: 1944
    Dhundiraj Govind Phalke became the founder of the Indian Film Industry.
    Story:Ranchhodbai Udayram

    The Daughter of Today
    The first ever silent feature film from Lahore
    Premier Film Company
    The Daughter of Today
    Realesed in: 1924
    The firste ever silent film from Punjab...
    ActorsA.K.Kardar, Wilayat Begum, M. Ismael, Vijay Kumar, Heera Lal and Master Ghulam Qadir, G.K. Mehta and
    M. IsmaelM. Ismael started his film career from the first ever Lahore made silent film and he was an automatic choice in the first talkie film from Lahore too...
    ProducerG.K. Mehta
    DirectorShankradev Arya
    Assistent directorA.K.KardarMian Abdur Rasheed Kardar was the man who started film making in Lahore. He was hero in first silent film and director of first talkie film...
    StoryG.K. Mehta

    Alam Ara
    Inaugural Urdu/Hindi IndoPak feature film
    Imperial Film Company Presents
    Alam Ara
    Urdu/Hindi (124 minutes; black & white)
    Realesed on: Saturday, March 14, 1931 (Capital cinema Lahore)
    India's first talkie film was released at Bombay's Majestic cinema hall. It had seven songs and was 10,500 ft. long and ran for seven weeks.Alam AraIt was a costume drama and romantic film.
    The Story:
    A period fantasy that told of the ageing king of Kamarpur, Alam Araand his two rival queens, Navbahar and Dilbahar, and their rivalry when a fakir predicts that Navbahar will bear the king's heir. Dilbahar unsuccessfully tries to seduce the army chief Adil (Vithal) and vengefully destroys his family, leaving his daughter Alam Ara (Zubaida) to be raised by nomads. Eventually, Alam Ara's nomad friends invade the palace, expose Dilbahar's schemes, release Adil from the dungeon and she marries the prince of the realm.
    ActorsZubaida (Alam Ara), Master Vitthal (Adil), J. Sushila (as Sushila), Jillo Bai, Prithviraj Kapoor, Elizer, Wazir Mohammed Khan, Jagdish Sethi and L.V. Prasad
    Producer & Director:Ardeshir Irani
    MusicFerozshah M. Mistri, B. Irani
    Story and screenplayJoseph David (Urdu: Munshi Zaheer)
    CinematographyAdi M. Irani, Wilford Deming
    SingersZubaida, W.M. Khan
    Film songs (7):
    De de Khuda ke naam par Baba agar...W.M. Khan
    Badla dilaye Ya Rabb, too sitamgron se..Zubaida

    Heer Ranjha
    The first ever Punjabi feature film
    Play Art Phototone
    Heer Ranjha
    Realesed in: 1932

  • The firste ever Lahore made film. Anwari Begum and Rafiq Ghaznavi - the grand parent of Salma Agha - played title roles in this memorable film. Rafiq Ghaznavi was a famous musician in the 30s and 40s and Anwari Begum appeared in many films, one of them was Anmol Ghari.
    ActorsAnwari Begum, Rafiq Ghazniv, Gul Hameed, Lala Yaqoob, M. Ismael, Fazal Shah, Walait Begum
    ProducerHakeem Ram Parshad (The owner of Capital Cinema Lahore)
    DirectorA. K. Kardar
    MusicRafiq Ghaznavi
    Story and screenplay?
    Film songs:

    Pancholi Art Pictures
    Realesed in: 1941
    Revolutionary music director Master Ghulam Haidar changed the whole style of film music from classical Bangali to folk Punjabi music in this mega hit film from Lahore.
    ActorsRamola, Naring, M. Ismael, Manorma, Ajmal, Janki Das, Durga Khote
    Producer & DirectorMoti B. Gudwani
    MusicMaster Ghulam HaidarMaster Ghulam Haidar introduced Baby Noor Jehan as playback singer in this film first time. He also introduced Indian diva Lata Mangeshkar in film Majboor in 1948.
    Film songs:
    Sawan ke nazaray hain...Shamshad Begum,
    Master Ghulam Haidar
    Lot geyi Papan andhiari...

    Anmol Ghari
    Mehoboob Production Ltd. (Bombay)
    Anmol Gharri
    Realesed in: 1946
    Anmol GhariOne of the most memorable and melodious film by Noushad Ali from the 40s with to legendry singer/actresses Noor Jehan and Surayya in main roles. Surindra and Zahoor Raja were other main characters in directors Mehboob's big film.
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Surender, Surayya, Zahoor Raja, Leela Mishra, Anwari Begum, Bhudo Anvari, Murad
    Producer & DirectorMehboob KhanMehboob Khan (1907-64)
    One of the greatest film director in the history was illiterate..!
    MusicNaushad AliNaushad Ali is regarded as one of the greatest Music Directors of Indian Cinema.
    Assistent: Ghulam Ahamd (Pakeeza fame)
    LyricsTanvir NaqviTanvir Naqvi was a relative of Madam Noor Jehan and a very successful lyricist....
    & Anjum Batalvi
    Madam Noor JehanNoor Jehan was the most impressive film personality in the IndoPak film history. She was dominating since her debut as a child star 1935....
    SurayyaSurayya was another famous singer/actress from the 40s and 50s. Born in Lahore, she debuted as a child star with Taj Mahal (1941)...
    Shamshad BegumShamshad Begum was the first generation of top Punjabi film singers (followd by Zubaida Khanum (ind the 50s) and Madam Noor Jehan (from 60s-90s), respectively). I cann't forget Shamsad's megahit Punjabi songs as:
    - Batti baal ke Banerey utte rakhni aan
    - Meri lagdi kise na wekhi, te tutdi nu jugg janda
    - Ni tutt jaye Rail Gadiye, too rok leya Chann mera
    - O wela yaad kar...
    - Jutt Kurdian toon darda mara
    also Zohra Bai Anbalewali, Mohammad Rafi and Surindra
    Film songs:

    Uran Kathole pe ur jaun, tere haath na ayun...Shamshad Begum,
    Zohra Bai
    Tera Khilona tuta Balik, hai qismat ne tujh ko...Mohammad Rafi
    Woh yaad aa rahe hein, guzre hue zamaney...Sunrindra
    Aaja meri barbad mohabbat ke sahare ...Madam Noor Jehan
    Awaz de kahan hai, dunya meri jawan haiSurindra,
    Madam Noor Jehan
    Main Dil mein dard basa lai, Naino se Nain...Surayya
    Mere bachpan ke saathi mujhe bhool na jana...Madam Noor Jehan
    Mann leta hai angrai, jeevan peh jawani chhai...Surayya
    Jawan hai mohabbat, haseen hai zamana...Madam Noor Jehan
    Socha tha kya kya ho geya...Surayya
    Kya mil geya Bhagwan tumhe dil ko dukha ke..Madam Noor Jehan
    Ab koun hai mera, kaho, ab koun hai mera..Surindra?

    The Last Big "Pakistani" film before partition
    Shoukat Arts Productions
    J U G N U
    Realesed on: 1947
    This film was the last big film by Madam Noor Jehan and her husband director Shaukat Hussain Rizvi before partition. It was a big musical and romantic film. Madam Noor Jehan was on peak of her film career as singer and film heroine. Dillip Kumar and Mohammad Rafi got breakthrough from this film.
    ActorsDilip KumarDilip Kumar - the acting legend - got breakthrough from this mega hit film. He was born in Peshawar...
    Noor Jehan, Shashikala, Sulochana, Agha, Latika, Zia, Jillo, Mohammad Rafi and Ghulam Mohammed
    Producer & DirectorSyed Shoukat Hussain RizviSyed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi was a successful film director in India with Khandan, Zeenat and Jugnu but he was a flop film director in Pakistan...
    MusicFeroz NizamiFeroz Nizami completed hat trick of three great musical film, first Jugnu in 1947, then Chann We in 1951 andDopatta 1952 - all with Noor Jehan...
    G.A.ChishtiG. A. Chishti was a legendry musician in Punjabi films. He dominated Pakistani film music until the beginning of the 70s...
    LyricsNakhshab, Shari Bhopali, Asghar Sarhadi & Adeeb Saharn Puri
    SingersMadam Noor Jehan, Shamshad Begum,
    Mohammad RafiMohammad Rafi was a legend and he left behind a rich legacy of songs in Urdu/Hindi, Punjabi and many other languages. Started his singing career from Lahore...
    Roshan Ara BegumRoshan Ara Begum was acclaimed the best exponent of Kirana gharana style of khayal singing in the subcontinent...
    Film songs:

    Woh apni yaad dilane ko ik ishq ki Duniya chhor geye...Mohammad Rafi & Co.
    Umangen dil ki machlin, muskrai zindgi apni...Madam Noor Jehan
    Lot jawani phir nahin aani, beet geyi to...Shamshad Begum
    Desh ki pur kaif rangeen si fizaon mein kahin...Roshan Ara Begum
    Aaj ki raat saze-dile-pudard na chherMadam Noor Jehan
    Yahan badla wafa ka bewafai ke siwa kaya hai
    Mohabbat kar ke bhi dekha, mohabbat mein...
    Mohammad Rafi,
    Madam Noor Jehan
    Tum bhi bhula do main bhi bhula doon...Madam Noor Jehan
    Hamein to sham-e-gham mein katni hai...Madam Noor Jehan

    Pakistani artists started their film career's before 1947
    A.R.Kardar (actor/director)Daughters of Today1924
    M. Ismael (actor)Daughters of Today1924
    Rafiq Ghaznavi (musician)Heer Ranjha1932
    Ghulam Mohammad (actor)Madhuri1933
    Zahoor Shah (actor)Majnoo 19351933
    Mukhtar Begum (singer/actress)Naveli Dulhan1933
    Noor Mohammad Charlie (comedian)Nadra1933
    A. Shah Shikarpuri (comedian)Fadaye Toheed1934
    Nazir (actor/director)Aab-e-Hayyat1934
    Master Ghulam Haidar (musician)Sanjog ki Seerhi1935
    Najmul Hassan (actor)Jawani ki hawa1935
    Noor Jehan (singer/actress)Pind di Kurri1935
    S.M. Yousuf (director)Bharat ka Laal1935
    Rekha (actress)Neela1935
    Kumar (actor)Hamari Betian1936
    Ajay Kumar (actor)Mard ka Bacha1936
    G.A.Chishti (musician)Sohni Mehinwal1937
    Agha Salim Raza (actor)Gul Bakawli1939
    Ajmal (actor)Gul Bakawli1939
    Khursheed Anwar (musician)Kurmai1940
    Gul Zaman (actor)Mard-e-Punjab1940
    Najam Naqvi (director)Puttar Millan1940
    Zahoor Raja (actor)Pooja1940
    Majeed (actor)Sandesa1940
    Ragni (actress)Himmat1940
    W.Z. Ahmad (director)Ek Raat1942
    Masood Pervez (actor/director)Mangti1942
    Shoukat Hussain Rizvi (director)Khandan1942
    Hamaliya Wala (actor)Kis ki Bivi1942
    M. Sadiq (director)Namastey1943
    Sheikh Iqbal (actor)Champa1945
    Sharif Nayyar (director)Laila Majnu1945
    Rasheed Attre (musician)Sheerin Farhad1945
    Meena Shori (actress)Rutt Rangeeli1945
    Asha Posley (actress)Champa1945
    Renuka Devi (actress)Ghulami1945
    Feroz Nizami (musician)Ammar Raj1946
    Master Inayat Hussain (musician)Kamli1946
    Luqman (director)Hamjoli1946
    Nisar Bazmi (musician)Jamna Paar1946
    Nashaad (musician)Dildar1947
    Nasreen (actress)Ek Roz1947
    Shah Nawaz (actor)Elan1947
    Sudhir (actor)Farz1947
    Santosh (actor)Ahensa1947
    Rehana (actress)Saajan1947
    Talish (actor)Saraye ke baad1947
    Ilyas Kashmiri (actor)Malka1947
    Tufail Farooqi (musician)Dekho Jee1947
    Fateh Ali Khan (musician)Director1947

    Film Milestones 1913-47:
    First Color film:
      Ardeshir Irani's Kisan Kanya (1937) was the first color film followed by Mother India (1938). Sohrab Modi's Jhansi Ki Rani (1953) was the first Technicolor film shot in India.
    First Silver Jubilee film:
      Madan Theatre's Kapal Kundala (1929) - a silent film - ran for 25 weeks in Calcutta. The first Urdu/Hindi Silver Jubilee film was Prabhat's Manthan in 1934.
    First Diamond Jubilee film:
      Gyan Mukherjee's Kismet was first Diamond JubileeQismat celebrated 196 weeks in 1939film. It ran continuously for 196 weeks at Chitra, Calcutta in 1943. Ashok Kumar and Mumtaz Shanti were main actors.

    Inaugural Pakistani film..

    Teri Yaad became the first ever released film but not the first film production in Pakistan. It was completed in a record time. Lahore was the third biggest film center in sub-Continent - after Bombay and Calcutta - and there were many films under production in 1947.
    (See the list).

  • Director Luqman's Urdu film Shahida was actually the first "PakistaniKashmir Hamara Hayfilm" which was started before partition and released in 1949. After partition, Do Kinaray was the inaugural film production by Ashiq Bhatti. Jihad was the second film by Zahoor Raja, which was released in 1950 and Teri Yaadwas the third film byDeevan Sardari Lal.
    Pakistan made filmKashmir Hamara Hay was the first ever released film on any Pakistani cinema but it was a documentary film and not a feature film. A journalist from Delhi Rafiq Chamman was producer of this film on Kashmir issue. This film was released on July 23, 1948 in Qaiser (now Imperial Cinema). (Thanks to Shaukat Ali Chheena)

    Actors: Asha PoslayNazarRagni, Shola and Ghulam Mohammad
    Directors: Daud Chand and Raza Mir
    Poet: Qateel Shafai
    Singer: Munawar Sultana

    Eid Day's: (1 Urdu film)
    1 film on Eid-ul-Fittar (1367 hijri), Saturday, August 7, 1948
    1 Urdu: Teri Yaad
    0 Punjabi: -
    0 film on Eid-ul-Azha (1367 hijri), Thursday, October 14, 1948
    0 Urdu: -
    0 Punjabi: -

    The only Movie of the year

  • Teri Yaad

    Asha Poslay
    Asha Poslay
    Pakistan's inaugural feature film
    Deewan Pictures
    T E R I    Y A A D
    Realesed in Lahore on August 7, Eid-ul-Fittar Day, 1948
    Released in Karachi on November 4, 1949
    » Read Urdu article on this film here 

    Some facts about film Teri Yaad:

  • 5 weeks on Prabhat Cinema (Sanober and now Empire on McClod Road Lahore)

  • Also 5 weeks in Karachi's Empire Cinema
    (Thanks to Mr. Shaukat Ali Cheena from Lahore)

    Pakistans inaugural film Teri Yaad was released in Perbhat (Sanober) Cinema Lahore on August 7th, 1948. It was an Eid-ul-Fittar Day.

    Teri Yaad
     was a dead flop film and the only attraction was film hero Nasir Khan, who was brother of the legendry Dillip Kumar. Asha Poslay was introduced as heroine, but she never became a successful film heroine. Her father Nath, was music director of this film.

  • ActorsAsha Poslay, Nasir Khan, Najma, Rani Kiran, Nazar, Zubiada, Jahangir, Master Ghulam Qadir, Sardar Mohammad, Ragni, Shola and Ghulam Mohammad
    DirectorDaud Chand
    Producer & Story:Deevan Sardari LalDeewan Sardari Laal became the first ever film producer in Pakistan...
    Co-producerD.P. Singha
    Dialogs & Screenplay:Khadim Myhayyuddin
    Cinematography:Raza MirRaza Mir was a top class cinematographer and he was also successful as film director withLakhon mein ek and Naag Munni...
    (ass. Rashid, Farooq Ahmad)
    SoundZ.A. Baig (ass. Mushtaq Rizvi, M. Rafiq)
    EidtorM.A. Latif (ass. S.K. Hussain)
    Art, SetdesighnerChodhary Sultan (ass: Ghulam Nabi, Fazal Ahmad)
    ProcessingPyaray Khan (ass. Shamim, Sunnay Laboratory)
    Studio EngineerLatif Durrani
    Production cheifRam Dial
    Produc. ManagerM. Safdar
    MackupLatif Hussain
    DressesAltaf Hussain
    ElectricianDost Mohammad (ass. Rafiq Sarhadi, M. Ashraf)
    PublicityHamid, Meraj
    Still PhotographyAbdullah
    StudioPancholi Art Studio, Lahore
    MusicInayat Ali Naath
    LyricsTanvir NaqviSaif-ud-din Saif and
    Qateel ShafaiQateel Shafai became the first film poets in Pakistan.
    SingersZeenat Begum, Asha Poslay & Ali Bakhsh Zahoor
    Film songs:
    Hamen chhor na jana jee, munh mor na jana jeeAsha Poslay
    Dukh ki mari, barson apnay bhaag ko roi..Asha Posley
    Main Titli ban kay ayi, joban nay li angrai..Asha Posley
    Chhalki jawani, haye jiya mere dholay ray..?
    Beeti bahar chhai, sara Chamman ro raha hay..?
    Muhabbat ka mara chala ja raha hay..?
    Bhool nahin preet ki, Sawan khewan har..?
    Bol bol ri, o bol bol ri,
    dopehria mein kahan gei thi?
    Ali Bakhsh Zahoor, ?
    Bol bol ri, o bol bol ri,
    dopehria mein kahan gei thi?
    Kya ayi hay yaad suhani,
    mann karay hay manmani..
    (13 songs were recorded but 10 were added in this film).

    Teri Yaad


    First Silver Jubilee Punjabi Film..
    The first ever Punjabi and the sixth film in the list of released Pakistani films celebrated a great success in cinemas. Veteran Producer and Director Nazir got the honour to become the first Silver Jubilee film maker. He was also the only choice as hero in 1949.

  • Pakistan's largest film company Evernew Pictures released it's first film Mundri, it was a Punjabi film.


    Actors: SudhirM. Ismael and Ajmal in Hichkolay, Ragni and Ilyas Kashmiri in Mundri, Hamaliya Wala in Shahida, Agha Salim Raza in Ghalt Fehmi, Sawarn LataNazir and Azad in Sachai and Zeenat andAllauddin in Pheray.
    Musicians: Inayat Hussain in Hachkolay, Ghulam Haidar in Shahida and G.A. Chishti in Sachai
    Poet: Baba Alam Siyaposh
    Singer: Inayat Hussain Bhatti

    Eid Day's:
    (1 Punjabi film)
    1 film on Eid-ul-Fittar (1368 hijri), Friday, July 29, 1949
    0 Urdu: -
    1 Punjabi: 
    0 film on Eid-ul-Azha (1368 hijri), Tuesday, October 4, 1949
    0 Urdu: -
    0 Punjabi: -

    Remarkable Musical Movies

  • PherayShahida

    Pheray (1949)
    Sawarn Lata
    Pakistans first ever Silver Jubilee hit film
    Anees Pictures
    Realesed on Eid-ul-Fittar, Thursday, July 28, 1949
    Pakistans first ever produced Punjabi film Pheray was a re-make ofNazirs Indian urdu/hindi film "Gaon ki Gori" (1945). It was a big musical hit and the Music Director G. A. Chishti wrote, composed and recorded six songs of this film in a single day! Chishti was also the most productive Music Director in the first 25 years of Pakistan.

    Film Business:
    Lahore: 25 weeks at Palace Cinema
    Karachi: 5 weeks at Taj Mehal Cinema
    ActorsSawarn LataNazirM. IsmaelNazarZeenat, Maya Devi, Alam Siaposh
    ProducerSaida Bano
    MusicG. A. Chishti
    LyricsBaba Alam Siaposh, G. A. Chishti
    SingersMunawar Sultana & Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Film songs:
    Main Bagan di Morni...
    (Lyricist: Baba Alam Siaposh)
    Munawar Sultana
    Sapp di tor na turye, ni Kuriye..
    (Lyricist: Baba Alam Siaposh)
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Tarian di chhawen chhawen..
    (Lyricist: Baba Alam Siaposh)
    Munawar Sultana,
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Tu Koel tay main Kaan..
    (Lyricist: G.A. Chishti)
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Lay way dilla, hun Nainan kolun..
    (Lyricist: Baba Alam Siaposh)
    Munawar Sultana
    Menu Rabb di sohn tere naal pyar..(Lyricist: G.A. Chishti)Munawar Sultana
    Akhian laawin na te Dil parchawin na..(Lyricist: G.A. Chishti)Munawar Sultana/
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Dasso main ki karran..
    (Lyricist: Baba Alam Siaposh)
    Munawar Sultana
    Thapp thapp, main tay Dhola..
    (Lyricist: Baba Alam Siaposh)
    Munawar Sultana
    Jai nein si pyar nibhana saanu dass ja
    (Lyricist Baba Alam Siaposh)
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Ki keeta taqdire, kyun tor ditte do heere
    (Lyricist: G.A. Chishti)
    Munawar Sultana


    Shuaa Noor Films
    Realesed on: March 19, 1949
    First average Urdu film. This film celebrated silver jubilees in Lucknow and Delhi (India) but was flopped in Pakistan.

    Film business:
    Lahore: 7 weeks at Capital Cinema
    Karachi: ?
    Lucknew (India): Silver Jubilee..?
    ActorsShamim, Nasir Khan, Shakir, Hamaliya Wala
    ProducerM. Akbar
    MusicGhulam Haidar
    SingersMunawar Sultana
    Film songs:
    Jo sitam bhi tut-ta hay, taak leta hay hamen
    Is jehan mein kya Gharibon ka Khuda koi nahin


    First Silver Jubilee Urdu Film

    Film Do Aansoo was the first ever Urdu Silver Jubilee hit film in Pakistan. This film was a remake of film Bhai Jan from 1945. Two other big films were made on the same story; Dillan de soudey (1969) and Anjuman (1970).

  • Santosh and Sabiha were top actors with the only silver jubilee Urdu film of the year. Santosh was also hero in 75% Punjabi films. Nazir andSawarn Lata were popular with a big musical Punjabi film Larrey.

    Actors: Sabiha and Santosh in Beli, Darpan in Amanat, Yasmin in Jahad,Zarif in Hamari Basti and Asif Jah in Do Aansoo
    Directors: Masood Pervez in Beli
    Musicians: Rasheed Attre in Beli, Feroz Nizami in Hamari Basti, Hassan Latif in Judai 

    Eid Day's:
    (1 Urdu film)
    1 film on Eid-ul-Fittar (1369 hijri), Tuesday, July 18, 1950
    1 Urdu: Beqarar
    0 Punjabi: -
    0 film on Eid-ul-Azha, Sunday, September 24, 1950
    0 Urdu: -
    0 Punjabi: -
    Remarkable Musical Movies

  • Do AansooLaarayBe-Qarar

    Sabiha & Santosh in Do Aansoo
    Sabiha & Santosh
    Pakistans first ever Silver Jubilee Urdu film
    Nobahar Films
    Do Aansoo
    Realesed on: April 7th, 1950
    The film story was a remake of a famous Noor Jehan film "Bhai Jan" (1945) and two more movies were based on the same story in Pakistan, Dillan de soude (1969) and Anjuman (1970).
    ActorsSabiha, Santosh, Shamim, Ajmal, Allauddin
    Producer & DirectorAnwar Kamaal
    MusicMubarak Ali Khan

    Film songs:

    Anees Pictures Punjabi film
    Realesed on: February 16, 1950
    Another musical film from "Pheray-team", but not so successful this time, but it was a great musical show by G. A. Chishti...
    ActorsSawarn Lata, Nazir, Nazar, Allauddin, Baba Alam Siaposh
    Producer & DirectorNazir
    MusicG. A. Chishti
    SingersMunawar Sultana, Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Film songs:
    Treekaan bugtan ge tere MapeMunawar Sultana/
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Neun ni lana oye neun ni lanaMunawar Sultana/
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    We main bol bol thakkiMunawar Sultana
    Likhian na murian mere sarh geyeMunawar Sultana
    Sar ban ke mangwin DhotiMunawar Sultana/
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Sajna we teinu einj nein si chai daMunawar Sultana

    Filmssaz Pictures Urdu film
    Realesed on: Eid-ul-Fittar, July 17, 1950
    ActorsRagni, S. Gul, Shammi, Noor Mohammad Charlie, Majeed
    ProducerS. Gul
    DirectorNazir Ajmeri
    MusicMaster Ghulam Haidar
    Film songs:
    Dil ko laga kay kahin bhool na janaMunawar Sultan,
    Ali Bakhsh Zahoor
    O Perdesia, bhool na jana..Munawar Sultana

    Noor Jehan is back - again..!

    Due to a protest from musician community the name of Punjabi film Meerasi was changed to Billo. Radio Pakistan Lahore's legendry artistNizam Din (Mirza Sultan Baig) from "Jamhoor di awaz" played a role in this film.


    Directors: Director Anwar Kamal Pasha appered as hero in Punjabi film Dilbar and he also married the film heroine Shamim
    Singer: Zubaida Khanum was introduced in film Billo.

    Eid Day's:(0 film)
    0 film on Eid-ul-Fittar (1370 hijri), Saturday, July 7, 1951
    0 Urdu: -
    0 Punjabi: -
    0 film on Eid-ul-Azha, Thursday, September 13, 1951
    0 Urdu: -
    0 Punjabi: -

    Remarkable Musical Movies
    Chan way

    Shah Noor Films Punjabi film
    Chann way
    Realesed on: March 29, 1951
    Watch Movies OnlineMadam Noor Jehan started her film career in Pakistan as actress, singer and director with a mega hit musical Punjabi film Chann Way. This film ran 18 weeks on Regent cinema Lahore which was allotted to Mr. & Mrs Rizvi (as they also got Shori/ShahNoor studio!). Madam Noor Jehan's name was mentioned as director of the film but it was told that her husband Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi actually was the real director but he felt shame to give his name as director to a Punjabi film. Ironically, all of his Urdu films as director in Pakistan flopped.
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Santosh, Jahangir, Yasmin, Ghulam Mohammad, Sultan Khost Hamalia Wala and Salim Raza
    ProducerSyed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi
    DirectorMadam Noor Jehan
    StorySyed Imtiaz Ali Taj
    CinematographyJaafar Bukhari
    MusicFeroz Nizami
    LyricsUstad Daman & F.D.Sharf
    SingersMadam Noor Jehan, Ali Bakhsh Zahoor, Feroz Nizami & others
    Film songs:
    Tere long da pea lashkara...
    (Lyricist F.D.Sharf)
    Madam Noor Jehan & Co.
    Mere angne de with charhia Chann...
    (Lyricist F.D.Sharf)
    Madam Noor Jehan
    Mousam a mohabtan da...
    (Lyricist F.D.Sharf)
    Madam Noor Jehan & Co.
    Jadoo koi paagea, dil sada aagea
    (Lyricist F.D.Sharf)
    Madam Noor Jehan
    Bach ja mundia mor too main sadqe...
    (Lyricist Ustad Daaman)
    Madam Noor Jehan & Co.
    Chann dea totea we dillaan...
    (Lyricist F.D.Sharf)
    Madam Noor Jehan & Feroz Nizami
    We Mundia Sialkotia, tere mukhtre...
    (Lyricist F.D.Sharf)
    Madam Noor Jehan
    Changa banaia e saanoo Khadona
    (Lyricist F.D.Sharf)
    Madam Noor Jehan
    Lamian manzilan, dil door kinare...
    (Lyricist F.D.Sharf)
    Madam Noor Jehan
    We toon bhul na jaween naina naal...
    (Lyricist F.D.Sharf)
    ? ?
    Bedardan di Dunia koloon koi wakhri..
    (Lyricist F.D.Sharf)
    Ali Bakhsh Zahoor


    The Film of The Year..

    Dopatta was the only Pakistani film to celebrate an outstanding success in the sub-continent in 1952. This great musical film was third hat-trick of success by Madam Noor Jehan and musician Feroz Nizami(after Jugnu and Chann Way).


    Actors: Talish in Nath and Rehan in Naveli

    Eid Day's: 
    (0 film)
    0 film on Eid-ul-Fittar (1371 hijri), Wednesday, June 25, 1952
    0 Urdu: -
    0 Punjabi: -
    0 film on Eid-ul-Azha, Monday, September 1, 1952
    0 Urdu: -
    0 Punjabi: -


    Musicians: Classical musician Ustad Jhanday Khan died on January 7th, 1952. 

    Remarkable Musical Movies



    Film Asia Present
    Realesed on: March 29, 1952
    Watch Movies OnlineMadam Noor Jehan appeared in her first Pakistani Urdu film, which was the all time greatest musical movie...
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Ajay Kumar, Sudhir, Yasmin, Ghulam Mohammad, Azad
    ProducerAslam Lodhi
    DirectorS. Fazli
    MusicFeroz Nizami
    LyricsMushir Kazmi, Arsh Lakhnavi
    SingersMadam Noor Jehan
    Film songs:
    Nache jia re chhama chham nache jia reMadam Noor Jehan
    Baat hi baat mein ji Chandni raat meinMadam Noor Jehan
    Main ban Patang urh jaon reMadam Noor Jehan
    Chandni raaten, sab jagg soyeMadam Noor Jehan
    Tum zindgi ko gham ka fasanaMadam Noor Jehan
    Mere mann ke Raja ajaMadam Noor Jehan
    Ubelti aag se is dil ko jalta dekhte jaoMadam Noor Jehan
    Sanwaria, tohe koi pukare, aja reMadam Noor Jehan


    Noorjehan & Nazar Mohammad scandal.. 

    Lahore's Urdu daily Imroz in its June 24 issue published a scandal of Madam Noor Jehan and Pakistan Cricket teams first ever opening batsman Nazar Mohammad (who scored the inaugural Test century for Pakistan). According to the newspaper Nazar jumped out of Noorjehan's bedroom window to escape her husband (Syed Shoukat Hussain Rizvi's) wrath and the result was a broken arm and the end his cricket career.


    Actors: Inayat Hussain Bhatti in Shehri Babu, Zulfi and Rekha in Sailab, Nighat Sultana in Mehbooba and Naeem Hashmi in Ilzam.
    Musicians: Radio musician Tufail Farooqi started his film career in film "Barkha"

    Eid Day's: (3 films; 2 Urdu, 1 Punjabi)
    First time in the history of Pakistani films, three films were released on Eid-ul-Fittar day.
    3 films on Eid-ul-Fittar (1372 hijri), Saturday, June 13, 1953
    2 Urdu: - Barkha & Awaz
    1 Punjabi: Shehri Babu
    0 film on Eid-ul-Azha, Friday, August 21, 1953
    0 Urdu: -
    0 Punjabi: -

    Actor: Shakir died on February 2, 1953.
    Musician: Legendry musician Master Ghulam Haidar, who changed the basic style of Indian music from Bangali to Punjabi in his super hit films Khazanchi (1941) and Khandan (1942), died on November 9, 1953.

    Remarkable Musical Movies
    Shehri BabuGulnaar

    Santosh and Sawarn Lata

    Sawarn Lata
    Tasweer Mehal Pictures
    Shehri Babu
    Realesed on: Eid-ul-fittar Day, June 13, 1953
    Producer & Director Nazir selected Santosh as hero with his wife-heronie Sawarn Lata in this big romantic and melodious film from the 50s. Great singer Inayat Hussain Bhatti was introduced as actor in an important role with his mega hit song "Bhaagan waleo naam japho Moula naam..." Zubaida Khanum sung her first hit songs in this film and was seen in the film as an extra actress....
    ActorsSawarn Lata, Santosh, Nazar, M. Ismael, Allauddin,Zubaida Khanum and Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Producer & DirectorNazir
    Story & Dialogs:Baba Alam Siaposh
    MusicRasheed Attrey
    Music (Assistent):Safdar Hussain
    LyricsTufail Hushiapuri, Waris Ludhianwi & Hazeen Qadri
    SingersMunawar Sultana, Zubaida Khanum &
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti

    Sawarn Lata, Santosh and Allauddin in Sherhri Babu
    Film songs:
    Bhaagan waleo naam japho Moula naam....Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Aaja aaja Baalam, sanbhi jaye na jawaniMunawar Sultana
    Mera narm kalja dhol geyaZubaida Khanum
    Ik Kuri di cheez gawachi
    Palke chaita aawe ga
    Zubaida Khanum,
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Gallan sun ke Mahi de naal merianZubaida Khanum
    Kade sade wi phera pawnaZubaida Khanum
    Tare khare na aajaZubaida Khanum,
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Raatan merian bana ke Rabba nehrianZubaida Khanum
    Aajao bohat bechain aan mainZubaida Khanum


    Jaal movement..

    Leading film personalities were arrested in Lahore agitating at Regent Cinema against the realease of Indian film Jaal on July 9th, which was licensed by Pakistani government for import only to East Pakistan but not in West Pakistan. The agitation was led by W.Z.Ahmad, Shaukat Husain Rizvi, Saifuddin Saif and Sibtain Fazli while almost all famous talent followed including Madam Noor Jahan, Naina, Santosh, Sudhir, Bibbo, Allauddin, M. Ismael. The demand was accepted by the government and a film-to-film exchange agreement was made with India - seperate for East and West Pakistan until 1965-war. Since Indian film are totally banned in Pakistan.

  • Director W.Z. Ahmad's inaugural film "Ruhi" was the first banned film in Pakistan.


    Actors: Evergreen actor Yousuf Khan began his career from film "Perwaz".

    Eid Day's: (3 Urdu films) 2 films on Eid-ul-Fittar (1373 hijri), Thursday, June 3, 1954 
    2 Urdu: Sassi & Raat ki baat
    0 Punjabi: -
    1 film on Eid-ul-Azha, Wednesday, August 11, 1954
    1 Urdu: Ruhi
    0 Punjabi: -

    Remarkable Musical Movies

  • SassiGumnaam

    Sabiha Khanum
    Sabiha Khanum
    The first ever Golden Jubilee Urdu film in Pakistan
    Everready Pictures
    S A S S I
    Realesed on: Eid-ul-fittar, June 3rd, 1954
    Another film on this story was made in 1968 as "Sassi Punni".
    Read the story of Sassi Punnu here
    ActorsSabiha, Sudhir, Asha Poslay, Shah Nawaz...
    ProducerJ. C. Annand
    DirectorDaud Chand
    MusicG. A. Chishti
    SingersKausar Perveen...
    Film songs:
    Na yeh Chand ho ga na tare rahen geKausar Perveen

    Kamaal Pictures Urdu film
    Realesed on: March 26, 1954
    Watch Movies OnlineA memorable musical film from the 50s...
    ActorsSabiha, Sudhir, Ragni, M. Ismael, Asif Jah, Nasreen, Ghulam Mohammad, Himalya Wala
    ProducerG. A. Gull
    DirectorAnwar Kamaal
    MusicInayat Hussain
    LyricsQateel Shafai, Saif-ud-din Saif
    SingersIqbal Bano, Kousar Perveen

    Film songs:
    Chandi ki ik jhankar par koi bhik geya..? (female)
    Bhag yehan say bhag ray...? (male)
    Jia jhalay aur dhuwan na howayKousar Perveen
    A Chand un say kehna, afsanay ban geyeKousar Perveen
    Chham chham naach utha ang Sakhi meraKousar Perveen
    Payel mein geet hain chham chham keIqbal Bano
    Ankhen mila kay pyar ki..Kousar Perveen
    Evernew Pictures Urdu musical film
    Released on: November 6, 1953
    A big musical film....
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Santosh, Babbo, Zarif, Shahnawaz
    ProducerMian Rafiq
    DirectorImtiyaz Ali Taj
    MusicGhulam Haidar
    LyricsQateel Shafai
    SingersMadam Noor Jehan
    Film songs:
    Lo chal diye woh ham ko tasalli diye bagheirMadam Noor Jehan
    Bachpan ki yaadgaroMadam Noor Jehan
    A raat zara tham tham ke guzarMadam Noor Jehan
    Sakhi naheen aaye mere balmaMadam Noor Jehan


    First Karachi made film..

    "Hamari Zuban" (Our Language!) was the first ever Karachi made film (released on June 10). "Baba-e-Urdu" Molvi Abdul Haq played a role in this political motivated film. Early, on April 22, 1954, Mr. Haq leads more than one lakh demonstrators against the decision of the Bengali Prime Minster of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Bogra to make Bengali the second national language of Pakistan. (Bengali was declared the second national language on May 7, 1954).

    Actors: Musarrat Nazir, Aslam Pervez, Nayyar Sultana were discovered in film Qatil and Akmal was seen in an extra role in this film.
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti appeared as hero in film "Jallan".
    Diljeet Mirza in Jallan, Rukhsana in Hamari Zuban and Saqi in Iltija
    Directors: Prominent film directors Shabab Keranvi and M. J. Rana directed their inaugural films "Jallan" and "Sohni".
    Singer: Saleem Raza
    Musicians: Safdar Hussain and Akhtar Hussain made their debut in films "Heer" and "Patay Khan", respectively.

    Eid Day's: (5 films; 4 Urdu, 1 Punjabi)
    3 filmson Eid-ul-Fittar (1374 hijri), Tuesday, May 24, 1955
    2 Urdu: Noukar & Sohni
    1 Punjabi: Pattan
    2 films on Eid-ul-Azha, Sunday, July 31, 1955
    2 Urdu: Toofan & Jheel kanarey
    0 Punjabi: -

    Writer: Legendry writer Saadat Hassan Manto passed away on January 11, 1955
    Lyricist: F. D. Sharf (Chann We fame) died on March 14, 1955.

    Remarkable Musical Movies
    NoukarPatay KhanToofaan

    Anees Pictures Super hit musical Punjabi film
    H E E R
    Realesed on:October 28, 1955

  • Read the film story

  • Heer Ranjha 1932

  • Heer Sial 1965

  • Heer Ranjha 1970

  • ActorsSawarn Lata, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Zeenat, Nazar, Rekha, Imdad and Ajmal
    ProducerJ. C. Annand
    MusicSafdar Hussain
    LyricsHazeen Qadri
    Screen Play & DialogsBaba Alam Siaposh
    SingersMunawar Sultana, Zubaida KhanumInayat Hussain Bhatti, Imdad Hussain

    Film songs:
    Jadoon ishq de kam noo hath laieInayat Hussain Bhatti
    Baddal noo hath lawanMunawar Sultana
    Hoon Birian noo kar lay band niInayat Hussain Bhatti
    Assan jan ke meet lei akh weZubaida Khanum
    Chharian de gharImdad Hussain
    Akhan milian gulabi naina naal niZubiada Khanum
    Doli chardian marian Heer cheekanInayat Hussain Bhatti
    Toon Data ain toon DataInayat Hussain Bhatti
    Dhol dille da jani aje nein ayaZubaida Khanum
    Sanoo Sajna de milne di tang aInayat Hussain Bhatti
    Ult gean taqdeeranZubaida Khanum
    Tere naal naal pakhi wangooMunawar Sultana
    Teri beparwahi RabbaInayat Hussain Bhatti,
    Zubaida Khanum

    Capital Films Superhit Punjabi film
    Realesed on: Eid-ul-fittar day, May 24, 1955
    Watch Movies OnlineA memorable musical film from the 50s...
    ActorsMusarrat Nazir, Santosh, Aasha Posley, Nazar, Ajmal, M. Ismael, Ghulam Mohammad Sultan Khoost, Diljeet Mirza and Allauddin
    ProducerSheikh Latif
    MusicG. A. Chishti
    LyricsTufail Hushiarpuri, Hazin Qadri, Mushir Kazmi, Musharraf
    SingersZubaida KhanumInayat Hussain Bhatti
    Film songs:
    Dunia hera pheri Baba, na teri na meri...Zubaida Khanum,
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Chhad jaween na Channa banh parh keZubaida Khanum
    Daal te Kaddu, sun te Paindu...Zubaida Khanum
    Sada sajra piar, kawe bar bar,
    keete huye qarar bhuli na...
    Zubaida Khanum,
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Rus geya Mahi sada, rus geya Rabb...Zubaida Khanum
    Dunia ek Khilona, kahin millan aur kahin...Zubaida Khanum
    Re jehra bole......Zubaida Khanum,
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Beri ditti khel oye Mohabbtan da mail oye,
    Rabb ne milaya sada Patna te mail oye...
    Zubaida Khanum,
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Meiunu lagian ne terian udeekan...Zubaida Khanum
    Meri Kundlan wale Bal, meri Harni wali...Zubaida Khanum
    Rung Rangeeli Doli meri, Babul aj na tor...Zubaida Khanum

    Sabiha KhanumSabiha
    Kemal Pictures
    Musical film
    Released on:
    January 22, 1955
    A big film....

    Film Business:Lahore: January 21, Friday, Nishat, 23 weeks
    Karachi: May 24, Tuesday, Taj Mehal/2, 18/23 weeks
    ActorsSabiha, Santosh, Aslam Pervez, Musarrat Nazir, Nayyar Sultana, Akmal (xtra)...
    ProducerG. A. Gul
    DirectorAnwar Kemal Pasha
    MusicInayat Hussain
    LyricsQateel Shafai
    SingersIqbal Bano, Kausar Perveen, Salim Raza..

    Film songs:
    Ulfat ki nayi manzil ko chalaIqbal Bano
    O Maina, jane keya ho geyaKousar Perveen

    Pera Mount Pictures
    Musical film
    Released on:
    May 24, 1955
    A big film....
    ActorsSawarn Lata, Nazir, Shaad, Ragni, Zeenat, Asha Posley, ChunChun, A. Shah, G.N. Butt and Agha Salim Raza
    ProducerAtta-ullah Shah Hashmi
    Director(A.S.Hashmi??) M.M. Billoo Mehra (read more here)
    MusicG. A. Chishti
    LyricsQateel Shafai
    SingersKausar Perveen, Munawar Sultana, Salim Raza
    Film songs:
    Zindgi se pyar bhare koi Geet gaye ga..Kausar Perveen
    Mera pyar dagmag dholey...Kausar Perveen
    Raj dulare, tohe dil mein basaun...Kausar Perveen
    Ghoonghat ki oat Gori Balam ko dekhe...Kausar Perveen,
    Munawar Sultana
    Laga di kyun aag Malik, mere aashiyane mein..Kausar Perveen
    Taqdeer ke Malik dekh zara, kya zulm...Salim Raza,
    Kausar Perveen
    One, Two, Three, Four, mil kar khoob lagao zor...Munawar Sultana

    Modern Age Pictures
    Patay Khan
    Released on: November 18, 1955
    Watch Movies OnlineA musical film with two great singers in main roles - Madam Noor Jehan and Zubaida Khanum...
    • "Do rahi rasta bhool geye..." was an Urdu/Punjabi mix song by Madam Noor Jehan and picturized on Musarrat Nazir in Urdu and on Madam Noor Jehan in Punjabi.
    • "O jan-e-bahar, aya tere aney se rut peh nikhar.." sung by Madam Noor Jehan and was picturized on Musarrat Nazir.
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Aslam Pervez, Zubaida Khanum, Zarif, Musarrat Nazir, Nazar, M. Ismael, Imdad Hussain, Hazir Qadri, Rekha, Allauddin
    ProducerIslam Din Shami
    DirectorM. A. Rasheed
    MusicAkhtar Hussain
    LyricsHazin Qadri
    SingersMadam Noor JehanZubaida KhanumInayat Hussain Bhatti, Zarif, Fazal Hussain

    Film songs:
    Uchian Mehalan waliye Laila pa de khair...Zarif
    Na dhak dhak jawani nu, chhad khulli...Inayat Hussain Bhatti, ?
    Teinu hor mandian ki kehna... (bol)Zubaida Khanum
    Mainu kehndi a jawani akhan char kar laiMadam Noor Jehan
    Aaja meri pharh lai BanhMadam Noor Jehan
    Mor lai mohar channa, raat tur chali aaMadam Noor Jehan
    Ham tumhara pyar mein tarpata rahe ga,
    kisi se na kahe ga
    Zubaida Khanum,
    Fazal Hussain
    O jan-e-bahar, aya tere aaney se rut...Madam Noor Jehan
    Kalli kalli jan dukh lakh te...Madam Noor Jehan
    Do rahi rasta bhool geye, rang badal geyaMadam Noor Jehan
    Holi holi ro Mombatiye... (bol)Madam Noor Jehan
    Yaad Sajan di rakh sarhaney, Kuriye soja...Zubaida Khanum
    Hoka main devan gali gali weMadam Noor Jehan
    Jor jor ke aasan da Mehan (bol)Zarif
    Sajjan Dushman uthde behndeInayat Hussain Bhatti

    Kaghan Films Urdu film
    Released on: Eid-ul-Azha, July 31, 1955
    A musical film....
    ActorsSabiha, Sudhir, Asha, Zarif, Shola...
    ProducerKhawaja Kaleem
    DirectorHaidar Shah
    MusicG. A. Chishti
    SingersInayat Hussain Bhatti, Fazal Hussain...
    Film songs:
    Aaj yeh kis ko nazar ke samne pata hunFazal Hussain
    ...Inayat Hussain Bhatti



    First Sindhi and Bengali films were released..

    The first Bengali feature film "Mukh-O-Mukhush" (The Face and the Mask) was released in Dhaka on August 3, 1956. This film was the result of the Bengali language movement of 1952 and an answer to Karachi made Urdu film "Hamari Zaban" last year.
    You can read more about the history of Bengali/East Pakistani filmshere. The first Bengali film was The Last Kiss by director Ambuj Prasanna Gupta in 1931. (The complete Bengali film list updated on Pakistan Film Magazine on 2.11.2007).

  • The first ever Sindhi film in Pakistan "Umar Marvi" was released on March 12, 1956. Producer and hero was Fazlani and director Sheikh Hassan. Other actors were Nighat Sultan and Noor Mohammad Charlie.

    Actors: Ejaz in Hameeda, Habib in Lakht-e-Jiggar, Shamim Ara in Kanwari Bewa, Akmal in Jabroo, Sultan Rahi in Baaghi, Meena Shori in Miss 56, Neelo in Sabira, Lehri in Anokhi, Bahar in Chann Mahi, Jamila Razzaq in Intekhab and Sawan in Karnama.
    Directors: Aslam Irani in Pawwan
    Singers: Ahmad Rushdi in Anokhi, Mehdi Hassan in Shikar, Nasim Begum in Guddi Gudda, Nazir Begum in ? and Naheed Niazi in ?
    Musicians: Khursheed Anwar in Intezaar, Tasadduq Hussain in Chhoti Begum, Nathoo Khan in Karnama and Rehman Warma in Baaghi

    Eid Day's: (3 films; 2 Urdu, 1 Punjabi)
    2 films on Eid-ul-Fittar (1375 hijri), Saturday, May 12, 1956
    1 Urdu: Intezaar
    1 Punjabi: Peengan
    1 film on Eid-ul-Azha, Thursday, July 20, 19561 Urdu: Pawwan
    0 Punjabi: -

    Remarkable Musical Movies

  • IntezaarDulla BhattiLakht-e-Jiggar
    Mahi MundaSarfaroshMukh-o-Mukhush
    Guddi GuddaChann Mahi

    Madam Noor Jehan
    Select Pictures Urdu melodious film
    Released on: Eid-ul-Fittar, May 12, 1956
    Watch Movies OnlineA big musical film....
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Santosh, Asha Poslay, Majeed, Ashiq Hussain, Rakhsi, Baig, Ghulam Mohammad, Sarwar Sial & Ghafoor
    ProducerSultan Jeelani, Khursheed Anwar
    DirectorMasood Pervez
    Music, Story & ScreenplayKhursheed Anwar
    DialogsSyed Imtiaz Ali Taj
    CinematographyNabi Ahmad
    DanceAshiq Hussain
    LyricsQateel Shafai
    SingersMadam Noor Jehan and Zubaida Khanum

    Film songs:
    Jis din se Piya dil legeye dukh de geyeMadam Noor Jehan
    Jawani ki raaten, jawani kay dinZubaida Khanum
    Aa geye Balm pardesi, Balam pardesi..Madam Noor Jehan
    Chand hanse duniya base roye mera pyar hoMadam Noor Jehan
    O jane wale re thehro zara ruk jayoMadam Noor Jehan
    Ghazab kiya tere waade peh etbaar kiyaMadam Noor Jehan
    Sanwan ki ghanghor ghattaoMadam Noor Jehan
    Chhunn chhunn naachoon giMadam Noor Jehan

    Dulla Bhatti
    Evernew Pictures
    Dulla Bhatti
    Realesed on:
    January 6, 1956
    Watch Movies OnlineA big film...
    ActorsSabiha, Sudhir, Asha Poslay, Asif Jah, Ghulam Mohammad, Sheikh Iqbal, Akmal (xtra) and Allauddin
    ProducerG. S. Gul
    DirectorM. S. Daar
    MusicG. A. Chishti
    LyricsTufail Hoshiarpuri
    SingersMunawar Sultana, Kausar Perveen...
    Film songs:
    Wasta ee Rab da too jaeen we Kabutra...Munawar Sultana

    Evernew Pictures
    Superhit musical film
    Released on:
    February 17, 1956
    A big musical film....
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Santosh, Habib...
    ProducerG. A. gul
    MusicG. A. Chishti
    SingersMadam Noor Jehan
    Film songs:
    Chanda ki nagri sey aaja ri nindiyaMadam Noor Jehan
    Woh khwab sohana toot geyaMadam Noor Jehan
    Aa haal dekh le meraMadam Noor Jehan
    Aaj ham be aasro koMadam Noor Jehan
    Aahen tarap raheen hainMadam Noor Jehan
    Chanda re ChandaMadam Noor Jehan
    Rakh sada anjaam parMadam Noor Jehan

    Malik Talkeez
    Mahi Munda
    Super hit film
    Released on:
    March 16th, 1956
    One of Musarrat Nazirs career best film.....

    Film Business:
    Lahore: March 23, Odeon, 22 weeks
    Karachi: March 9, Light House/2, 9/13 weeks
    ActorsMusarrat Nazir, Sudhir, Ajmal, Zarif, Nazar, Ilyas Kashmiri
    ProducerBari Malik
    DirectorM. J. Rana
    MusicG. A. Chishti
    SingersZubaida KhanumInayat Hussain Bhatti

    Film songs:
    Ranna walean de pakkan ParatheInayat Hussain Bhatti
    Jhotiye jahan diye, kachiye zabaan diyaInayat Hussain Bhatti
    We main Naar Patole wargiZubaida Khanum
    Manwan thandian chhawan...Zubaida Khanum
    Sada neun rehana...Zubaida Khanum

    Nigar Pictures
    Musical & dramatic film
    Released on:
    June 15th, 1956
    Very dramatic and musical romantic film...
    ActorsSabiha, Santosh, Meena, Asif Jah, Ghulam Mohammad
    Producer & DirectorAnwar Kemal Pasha
    MusicRasheed Attre
    SingersZubaida Khanum, ....
    Film songs:
    Teri ulfat mein Sannam, Dil ne buhat dardZubaida Khanum
    Mera nishana dekhe Zaman, teer peh teerZubaida Khanum
    Aey Chand un se ja kar mera salaam kehnaZubaida Khanum

    M.R.M. Productions
    Guddi Gudda
    Musical film
    Released on:
    November 2nd, 1956
    Very dramatic and musical romantic film...
    ActorsMusarrat Nazir, Sudhir, Talish...
    ProducerM. Rehman
    DirectorWali Sahib
    MusicG. A. Chishti
    SingersZubaida Khanum, ....
    Film songs:
    Naeen reesaan Shehar Lahore diyaan...Chourse...
    Babul da wehra chhad ke hoke majboo chaliZubaida Khanum

    Kemal Pictures
    Chann Mahi
    Superhit musical film
    Released on:
    November 30th, 1956
    Anwar Kemal Pasha introduced Bahar as heroine this big mucial film.
    ActorsBahar, Aslam Pervez, Asif Jah, Rekha, Sheikh Iqbal, Gulraiz and Agha Salim Raza
    Producer & DirectorAnwar Kemal Pasha
    Story:Sheikh Iqbal
    MusicRasheed Attre
    SingersZubaida Khanum & Salim Raza

    Film songs:

    Bunde Chandi de te Sone di nath lai keZubaida Khanum
    Mahi mout da sonerha ditta ghall weZubaida Khanum
    Pher liyan Chann Mahi akhiyan, dub geyeZubaida Khanum
    Ni Chithiye Sajnaa diyeZubaida Khanum
    Sade ang ang wich pyar ne peengaan paian neZubaida KhanumSalim Raza


    Record business for Yakke Wali...

    Yakke Wali created business records..

  • The East pakistan Film Development Corporation (EPFDC) was established.

    Actors: Syed Kamal in Thandi Sarak, Laila in "Waada" and Rattan Kumar in Bedari
    Singers: Munir Hussain in Saat Lakh, Irene Perveen in Noor-e-Islam, Sharafat Ali in "Waada"1950s most popular Urdu film singers Salim Raza and Munir Hussain got breakthrough from film "Saat Lakh's" super hit songs Yaaro mujhe muaf karo... and Qarar lootne wale..., respectively.
    Musicians: A. Hameed in Anjam and Deebo Bhattachariya in Maska Palish

    Eid Day's: (7 films; 5 Urdu, 2 Punjabi)
    4 films on Eid-ul-Fittar (1376 hijri), Thursday, May 2, 1957
    2 Urdu: Waada & Thandi Sarak
    2 Punjabi: Palkan & Pholey Khan
    3 films on Eid-ul-Azha, Tuesday, July 9, 1957
    3 Urdu: Murad, Baap ka gunah & Nigar
    0 Punjabi: -

    Music director: Khan Sahib Mubarak Ali Khan died on April 8th, 1957.

    Remarkable Musical Movies

  • Yakke WaliIshq-e-LailaWaada
    NooraanSaat LaakhBedari

    Malik Talckies
    Yakke Wali
    Golden Jubilee Hit
    Record Maker Film
    Released on:
    22nd February 1957
    Memorable box office hit film with the great film heroine Musarrat Nazirin the title role. Producer Bari Malik bought Pakistan's biggest ever film studio Bari Studio (92 kanal) on Multan Road Lahore from the profit of this film. The business of this film was approximately Rs. 4 million and film expenditures was just around about one lakh (Rs. 100.000). This was the first Pakistani film that completed continuously more than 50 weeks at Capital Cinema Lahore.
    ActorsMusarrat Nazir, Sudhir, Neelo, Zeenet, Ajmal, Ilyas Kashmiri, Rekha, Ghulam Mohammad, Iqbal Kashmiri, Zarif and Nazar
    ProducerBari Malik
    DirectorM. J. Rana
    Story:Sheikh Iqbal
    MusicG. A. Chishti
    LyricsAhmad Rahi
    SingersZubaida Khanum, Azra Sultana & Zarif

    Film songs:
    Dil neoon dena, Dil neoon lena...Zubaida Khanum
    Ajj naal kise de hassian...Zubaida Khanum
    Jatti chali murabeyan di sair noo...Zubaida Khanum
    I Love You, You Love me..Zarif &
    Zubaida Khanum
    Haan deya mundeya we akhian toon GhundiaZubaida Khanum
    Pehli pehli war menoo Dewer lain aaya...Zubaida Khanum
    & Azra Sultana
    Aaja mere haniyaan...Zubaida Khanum
    Lakk patla patang meri harni jayee akh...Zubaida Khanum
    Kalli sawari bheyee Bhati Lohari bheyee...Zubaida Khanum
    & others
    Tere dar te aake Sajnaa we asseen jholi khaliZubaida Khanum

    Ever Ready Pictures
    Super musical hit film
    Released on:
    April 12th, 1957
    Watch Movies OnlineThis film contains 14 songs which is an all time record for anyPakistani film, most of them were super hit....
    ActorsSabiha, Santosh, Asha Posley, Nazar, Zeenat, Maya Devi, Sain Akhtar, Imdad Hussain, M. Ismael, Ajmal, Allauddin
    ProducerJ. C. Annand
    Director, story, dialogsMunshi Dil
    MusicSafdar Hussain
    LyricsQateel Shafai
    SingersZubaida Khanum, Iqbal Bano, Salim Raza and Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Film songs:
    Laila o Laila, shehar khoobaan...Zubaida Khanum
    Chand takke chhup chhup ke,
    unchi Khajoor se...
    Zubaida Khanum,
    Salim Raza
    Ik halki halki aahat hai, ik halka halka...Iqbal Bano
    Udas hai Dil, nazar preshan...Salim Raza
    A Bad-e-Saba, ik dard bhara pegham...Zubaida Khanum
    Dil se jo Dil takraye...Zubaida Khanum
    Kon kehta hai keh tera yeh Jehan qaim nahin...Inayat Hussain Bhatti,
    Sain Akhtar
    Sakhi, kuchh de de rah-e-Khuda...Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Nikkal kar teri mehfil se yeh deewaneInayat Hussain Bhatti
    Bata a Asmaan wale, mere naalon pehInayat Hussain Bhatti
    Zubaida Khanum
    Mohabbat ka janaza ja raha haiInayat Hussain Bhatti
    Laila Laila pukaroon main ban meinInayat Hussain Bhatti
    Chand si teri Jabeen, kise maalum nahin...Zubaida Khanum
    Haye meri majboor jawani...Zubaida Khanum
    Sitaro tum to so jao, preshan raat sari haiIqbal Bano

    Cresents Films
    Super hit film
    Released on: Eid-ul-fittar
    2nd May 1957
    Watch Movies OnlineOne of the best ever musical and romantic hit film from the 50s...
    ActorsSabiha, Santosh, Laila, Allauddin, Ilyas Kashmiri, Majeed, Ghulam Mohammad, Asad Jafri, Anjum, Iqbal Begum,
    Al-Hamid, Dr. Nadid Wasi and Neena
    Producer & DirectorW. Z. Ahmad
    MusicRasheed Attre
    LyricsSaif-ud-din Saif, Tufail Hoshiarpuri
    SingersKousar Perveen, Zubaida Khanum, Zahida Perveen, Sharafat Ali, Saleem Raza, Fateh Ali Khan
    Film songs:
    Jab tere Shehar se guzarta hoo...Sharafat Ali
    Bar bar tarsein more nain...Kousar Perween,
    Sharafat Ali

    Everready Productions

    Released on:
    May 30, 1957
    Big musical film ....
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Sudhir, Zeanat, Nazar, Ajmal, Maya Devi, Agha Salim Raza & Rangeela
    ProducerJ. C. Annand
    Director(M.A. Khan??) M.M. Billoo Mehra (read more here)
    MusicSafdar Hussain
    Lyrics & Dialogs:Hazeen Qadri
    SingersMadam Noor Jehan, Iqbal Bano and Munir Hussain

    Film songs:
    Themesong in Heer Waris Shah styleMunir Hussain,
    Madam Noor Jehan
    Tere bol ne te meriyan ne buliyanMadam Noor Jehan
    Wekheya howe ni kise takeya howe?Madam Noor Jehan
    Panchhi te pardesi pyar jaddoon paandeyMadam Noor Jehan,
    Munir Hussain
    Teinoo phirni aan labhdiMadam Noor Jehan
    Munir Hussain
    Daachi waleya lai chal naal weMadam Noor Jehan
    Ik cheez gawachi dil koloonMadam Noor Jehan,
    Munir Hussain
    Ik Beri wich do sawar, ik perdesi ik mutiyarMunir Hussain
    Tere ishq nachaya karke thayya thayyaIqbal Bano
    Kaddi aawe Dilbara wasta eeMadam Noor Jehan

    Cresents Films
    Saat Laakh
    Super hit film
    Released on:
    October the 9th, 1957
    Watch Movies OnlineOne of the best ever musical and romantic hit film from the 50s... Neelo, Saleem Raza and Munir Hussain got breakthroug from this film...
    ActorsSabiha, Santosh, Nayyar Sultana, Neelo, Talish, Asif Jah, Hamalia Wala
    ProducerSaif-ud-din Saif
    DirectorJaafar Malik
    MusicRasheed Attre
    LyricsSaif-ud-din Saif
    SingersZubaida Khanum, Kousar Perween, Munir Hussain & Salim Raza

    Film songs:

    Aaye mousam rangeele sohane jia na hi maneZubaida Khanum
    Yaaro mujhe muaaf rakho main nashe mein hoonSalim Raza
    Yaaro mujhe muaaf rakho main nashe mein hoonSalim Raza
    Qaraar lootne wale too pyar ko tarseMunir Hussain
    Din ko sataye, raten jagaye, kaisa tera pyar haiZubaida Khanum
    Yeh tirchhi nazar, yeh patli kamar...Kousar Perveen
    Ghoonghat utha doon ya ghoonghat gira doonZubaida Khanum
    Sitamgar mujhe be-wafa janta haiKousar Perveen

    Film Exchange
    Released on:
    December 6th, 1957
    This film was with patriotic message but it was a carbon copy of the Indian film "Jagrati". Even a patriotic song was copied with word "Pakistan" inserted in place of "Hindustan"!
    ActorsRatan Kumar, Ragni, Santosh, Meena, Anoradha...
    ProducerSheikh Latif
    DirectorRafiq Ghazanvi
    MusicFateh Ali Khan
    SingersMunawar Sultan, Salim Raza
    Film songs:
    A Qaid-e-Azam, tera ehsan hai ehsan...Munawar Sultana
    Hum laye hain toofan se Kashti nikal ke...Salim Raza

    Bacho tum ko sair karaun apne Pakistan ki...
    Salim Raza


    Second generation of top actors..

    The second generation of Pakistani actors began their success march from 1958.

  • Sabiha and Santosh married on October 1st, 1958.

    Actors: Rangeela in Jatti, Zamurrad in Hasrat, Husna in Jane-e-Bahar, Mazhar Shah in Be-gunnah, Abbas Nosha in Rukhsana and Mustafa Qureshi in Sindhi film Perdesi
    Musicians: Salim Iqbal in Sheikh Chilli, Rafiq Ali in Chhoomantar and Musle-ud-din in Aadmi

    Eid Day's: (9 films; 6 Urdu, 2 Punjabi, 1 Sindhi)
    6 films on Eid-ul-Fittar (1377 hijri), Monday, April 21, 1958
    4 Urdu: Hasrat, Jan-e-Bhar, Zehr-e-Ishq & Neyi Larki
    1 Punjabi: Choomantar
    1 Sindhi: Perdesi
    3 films on Eid-ul-Azha, Sunday, June 29, 1958
    2 Urdu: Rukhsana & Touheed
    1 Punjabi: Mukhra

    Remarkable Musical Movies

  • Annar KaliZehr-e-IshqChhoomantar

    Noor Jehan
    Annar Kali
    Nigar Pictures big musical Urdu film
    Annar Kali
    Released on: June 6, 1958
    Imitiaz Ali TajThe tomb of Anarkali
    Imtiaz Ali Taj & The tomb of Anar Kali in Lahore
    Another big musical film by Madam Noor Jehan with two music directors, Rasheed Attre and Master Inayat Hussain.
    The story of film Annar Kali was written in 1922 by famous Urdu writer Imitiaz Ali Taj (13.10.1900-19.04.1970). He was inspired by a folk story from 1890 by S. Latif and Kanihya Lal - two history writers from Lahore. This story is filmed many times in India and Pakistan. First time it was made as silent films both in BombayWatch movies onlineand Lahore in 1928. In 1935 it was filmed as a talkie film and then it became a favorite subject for film producers and was filmed in 1953, 1955, 1960 (as Mughal-e-Azam), 1966 and 1978 in India and once in Pakistan in 1958. 
    ActorsNoor Jehan (as Anarkali), Sudhir (as Prince Saleem), Ragni (as Dil Aram), Shamim Ara, Zarif, Fazal Haq and Hamalia Wala (as Akbar The Great)
    ProducerMukhtar Ahmad
    DirectorAnwar Kemal Pasha
    StoryImtiaz Ali Taj
    MusicRasheed Attre, Inayat Hussain
    LyricsTanvir Naqvi
    SingersMadam Noor Jehan

    Film songs:
    Kahaan tak sunno ge kahaan tak sunaooMadam Noor Jehan
    Banwri chakori kare duniya se chori chroiMadam Noor Jehan
    Bewafa, ham na bhoole tujhe, sari Duniya ne..Madam Noor Jehan
    Keya jane keya armaan lekar ham teriMadam Noor Jehan
    Pehle to apne dil ki ada jaan jeyieMadam Noor Jehan
    Sada hoon apney pyar ki, jehan se be-nyazMadam Noor Jehan
    Tumhari aarzoo mein koocha-e-qatil tak aalMadam Noor Jehan
    Jalte hain armaan mera dil rota haiMadam Noor Jehan

    Select Pictures
    Released on:
    April 21, 1958
    Very famous musical film ....
    ActorsMusarrat Nazir, Habib, Yasmin, Neelo, Bibbo...
    ProducerSultan Jeelani, Khursheed Anwar
    DirectorMasood Pervez
    Music, Story, ScreenplayKhursheed Anwar
    LyricsQateel Shafai
    SingersZubaida Khanum, Kausar Perveen, Naheed Niazi

    Film songs:
    Pall pall jhoomun, jhoom ke gaunKausar Perveen
    Raat Chandni mein akeli raat...Zubaida Khanum
    Janey na doongi, main janey na doongiKausar Perveen
    Mohe Piya millan ko janey deNaheed Niazi
    Dekho ji, bedardi Sayyan, ja ke nahin aye...Naheed Niazi
    So ja re, so ja, lal hamarey...Zubaida Khanum
    Chham chham nachun, mere Pia ghar ayeZubaida Khanum
    Un se bichhar kar yeh jeena bhi...Zubaida Khanum
    Suno arz meri Kamli wale (pbuh)Zubaida Khanum

    M. H. Pictures Punjabi musical film
    Released on: Eid-ul-fittar, April 21, 1958
    Very famous film...
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Aslam Perwez, Laila, Zarif, Salim Raza, Allauddin
    ProducerMian Mushtaq
    Director(Mushtaq Hafiz??) M.M. Billoo Mehra (read more here)
    MusicRafiq Ali
    LyricsHazeen Qadri
    SingersMadam Noor JehanZubaida Khanum, Zarif

    Film songs:

    Burre naseeb mere very hoya pyar meraZarif
    Burre naseeb mere very hoya pyar meraZubaida Khanum, Zarif
    Athru suk geye, haase muk geyeZubaida Khanum
    Aini gal das deyo nikke nikke tareyoMadam Noor Jehan
    Too ki jane be-qadraMadam Noor Jehan
    Akhiyan we rateen sohn na dendiyanMadam Noor Jehan

    Sabiha & Santosh in MukhraSabiha
    Crescent Pictures musical Punjabi film
    Released on: Eid-ul-azha, June 28, 1958
    The only super hit Punjabi film of Sabiha & Santosh..
    ActorsSabiha, Santosh, Asha Posley, Nazar, Ghulam Mohammad, Allauddin
    Guest stars: Darpan, Nayyar Sultana, Yasmin, Diljeet Mirza, Bibbo, Ilyas Kashmiri, Hamaliyawala
    ProducerMian Ehsan
    DirectorJaafar Malik (assistent: S. Suleman)
    Screenplay & DialogsBaba Alam Siyaposh
    MusicRasheed Attre
    LyricsWaris Ludhyanvi
    SingersZubaida KhanumNaseem BegumMunir Hussain, Sain Akhtar

    Film songs:
    Dorey khich ke na rakhiye Mapiyan de Pind...Zubaida Khanum
    Dilla, thehr ja yaar da nazara lain deMunir Hussain
    Main dardi Surma na pawan Akhan wich Mahi wasda...
    (Bhairvi raag on violin)
    Zubaida Khanum,Munir Hussain, ?,
    Sain Akhtar
    Mera Dil Channa, Kach da Khadona...Zubaida Khanum
    Naley nach naley Gon, te Pambeeri wangu ponh..Naseem Begum,Munir Hussain
    Mahi sanu takna te assan sharmana..Zubaida Khanumm
    Dilla, thehr ja yaar da nazara lain deZubaida Khanum
    Meri Akh tera Dil na chura le...Zubaida Khanum
    Meinu dasdi Chanani teri, we chhup ja Chann..Zubaida Khanum
    Mere do mastaney Nain, raat din rehnde..Zubaida Khanum

    Yasmin in Aadmi


    Huma Films
    A big film
    Released on:
    November 14th, 1958
    Habib played double role...
    ActorsYasmin, Habib, Nayyar Sultana, Diljeet Mirza, Talish and Allauddin
    Producer & DirectorLuqman
    SingersNaheed Niazi, Salim Raza
    Film songs:
    Zamana pyar ka itna hi kam tha yeh na socha thaNaheed Niazi
    ....Salim Raza


    Inugarual Dhaka based Urdu film..

    The first Dhaka based Urdu film Jago hua Savera by Faiz Ahmad Faizwon the gold medal in Moscow Film Festival.
    Madam Noor Jehan married Ejaz Durrani on October 19, 1959.

    Actors: Deeba started as child artist in Faisala and Nasira in Bodi Shah
    Directors: Khalil Qaisar in Yaar BeliQadeer Ghori in NajiSaif-ud-Din Saifin Kartar Singh and Hassan Tariq in Neend

    Eid Day's: (10 films; 5 Urdu, 5 Punjabi)
    7 films on Eid-ul-Fittar (1378 hijri), Friday, April 10, 1959
    3 Urdu: Sahara, Tere baghair & Sola Aanney
    4 Punjabi: Naji, Yaar Beli, Bodi Shah & Perdesen
    3 films on Eid-ul-Azha, Thursday, June 18, 1959
    2 Urdu: Raaz & Naagan
    1 Punjabi: Kartar Singh

    Actor: Majeed on September 24th
    Lyricist: Masoom Ludhyanvi on December 18th

    Remarkable Musical Movies
    Kartar SinghKoelJago hua savera

    big musical
    dramatic film
    Released on:
    June 18, 1959
    Ajj akhan Waris Shah nu,
    kittey Qabran wichon bol
    te bol Kitab ishq da,
    koi agla warqa khol
    haarra e ooooo!!!
    Ik roi si Dhee Punjab di,
    te tu likh likh mare wain,
    ajj lakhan Dhian rondian,
    teinu Waris Shah nu kehan,
    uth dard wanda - bedardia,
    Uth tak apna Punjab,
    ajj belay lashan wichhian,
    te lahu di bhari Chinaab,
    ajj sabhey Kaido ban geye,
    a husn, ishq te Chor
    ajj kithun liaye labh ke
    ik Waris Shah ik hor
    Ajj akhan Waris Shah nu,
    haarra e ooooo!!!
    Poet: Amrita Pritum (31.8.1919-31.10.2005)
    Music: Salim Iqbal
    Singers: Bhatti & Zubaida
    One of the greatest ever Punjabi film produced in Pakistan. The film story is about the partition of India. A symbolic village with love and solidarity between Hindu, Muslim and Sikh's. This filmWatch Movies Onlinetold the story how they were separated. This film contains some very powerful charactors as title role Kartar Singh played by Allauddin, Umer Din (Sudhir), the hero and veteran soldier from Burma in 2nd World War and the most respected person in the village Vaid jee (Doctor) Prem Nath, an unique role in Zarif's film career. Ajmal, Laila and Bahar were other main roles.
    » Review in Urdu on Kartar Singh
    » Review on Kartar Singh
    ActorsMusarrat Nazir, Sudhir, Bahar, Laila, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Ajmal, Ghulam Mohammad, Fazal Haq, Zarif and Allauddin in the title role
    Writer & Director
    Saif-ud-din Saif
    CameraNaseem Hussain
    MusicSalim Iqbal
    LyricsAmrita Pritam, Waris Ludhyanvi, Saif-ud-din Saif
    SingersZubaida KhanumNaseem BegumInayat Hussain Bhatti,Salim Raza, Sain Akhtar, ?

    Film songs:
    Rabb ik bujharat, Rabb ik gorkhdhandha... (Heer Waris Shah as theme song)Salim Raza
    (filmed on Bhatti)
    Gori gori Chanani di thandi thandi chhan ni..Zubaida Khanum
    Pairi Berian Pajeban dian pa ke,
    Mahi ne teinu lai jana ni Goriye...
    Zubaida Khanum,Naseem Begum
    Barin barsi kathan geya (course)...?, Sain Akhtar & Co.
    Ajj akhan Waris Shah nu,
    kitte Qabran wichun bol...
    Zubaida Khanum,Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Some parts of Heer Waris Shah...Inayat Hussain Bhatti
    Ajj muk geyi a ghama wali shaam,
    teinu sada pehla salaam...
    Inayat Hussain Bhatti,
    Salim Raza
    Desaan da Raja, mera Babul da pyaraNaseem Begum

    Madam Noor Jehan in Koel
    Progressive Pictures
    K O E L
    A big musical film
    Released on:
    December 24, 1959
    Watch Movies OnlineKoel was the last super hit film by Madam Noor Jehan, which will be remembered as an all time best musical film in Pakistan. The master musician Khawaja Khursheed Anwar produced some high class music and director Masood Pervez did a great job with all its actors, especially Madam Noor Jehan, Sahira and Allauddin. 
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Aslam Pervez, Neelo, Nazar, Sahira, Ghulam Mohammad, Azad and Allauddin
    Producer & Music DirectorKhursheed Anwar
    DirectorMasood Pervez
    Story:Shams Lakhnawi
    LyricsTanveer Naqvi
    SingersMadam Noor JehanZubaida Khanum, Naheed Niazi, Najma Niazi and Munir Hussain

    Film songs:
    Garj garj aaye Baadal...Munir Hussain
    Rim jhim rim jhim pare phawarNaheed Niazi,
    Najma Niazi
    Dil ka diya jalaya main neMunir Hussain
    Dil ka diya jalaya main neMadam Noor Jehan
    Behki fazaein, mehki hawaeinMadam Noor Jehan
    Rim jhim rim jhim pare phawarMadam Noor Jehan,Munir Hussain
    ho.. Dil jala na Dil WaleZubaida Khanum
    Masti mein jhoom re...Zubaida Khanum
    Tere bina sooni soon lage re...Madam Noor Jehan
    Sagar roye lehrein shor machayeinMadam Noor Jehan
    O bewafa main ne tujh se pyar kiyoon kiyaMadam Noor Jehan

    Films Hayyat

    Released on:
    June 18, 1959
    Yousuf Khan played a full villain role in the big musical film....
    ActorsNeelo, Rattan Kumar, Husna, Yousuf Khan, Nazar, Rekha, Saqi and Abbas Ajmeri
    ProducerWazir Ali
    DirectorKhalil Qaisar
    StoryAziz Merathi
    MusicSafdar Hussain
    LyricsQateel Shafai
    SingersZubaida KhanumSalim Raza, Naheed Niazi, Iqbal Bano, Kousar Perveen, Naheed Niazi
    Film songs:
    Rutt rutt rang badalta Mela, na tera na mera haiSalim Raza
    Hatt jao, main tum se na hi bolun...Kousar Perveen
    Sayyan jee ko dhundhne chali, phirun main gali galiNaheed Niazi
    Amba ki darion se Jhulna jhula ja...Iqbal Bano
    Mohe kaise jobanwa ka Chor mila re...Zubaida Khanum
    Baan Nainon ke seeney peh maroon gi main...Iqbal Bano
    Mera piar har geya haye re, mangi khushi dukh..Zubaida Khanum


    Released on:
    October 16, 1959
    Watch Movies OnlineA musical film....
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Aslam Pervez, Neelo, Nighat Sultana, Asad Jaafri, Talish and Allauddin
    ProducerS. A. Malik
    DirectorHassan Tariq
    MusicRasheed Attre
    LyricsTanvir Naqvi
    SingersMadam Noor JehanNaseem Begum

    Film songs:
    Tere dar par Sannam chale aayeMadam Noor Jehan
    Chhan chhan chhan bole Payel boleMadam Noor Jehan
    Aa geyi raat na aaye SanwariaMadam Noor Jehan
    Akeli kahin matt jana, zamana najuk hayMadam Noor Jehan
    Kyun udas ho rahe hoMadam Noor Jehan
    Ayi mann mein lehar kisi aur se...Madam Noor Jehan,
    Naseem Begum

    Papular Pictures

    Released on:
    April 10th, 1959
    A super-flop film on Madam Noor Jehans credit...
    ActorsNoor Jehan, Aslam Pervez, Asha, Zarif
    Producer & DirectorM. Naseem
    MusicAkhtar Hussain
    Lyrics & Story:Hazeen Qadri
    SingersMadam Noor Jehan...
    Film songs:
    Morh muharah Sanwal weMadam Noor Jehan
    Jaween na meri jan Dil toon doorMadam Noor Jehan
    Jawan Mahi kol mar udhariyanMadam Noor Jehan
    Aayi ghamman wali sham, too wi aaMadam Noor Jehan